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The fourth annual Mobile Voice Conference is presented by

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 05, 2014: Digital Overload Threatens the User Experience

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Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS)

Bill Meisel's TMA Associates (publisher of Speech Strategy News)

Notes from the March 2013 MVC Conference here

Monday: Optional detailed workshops

Tuesday and Wednesday: Main conference (see Program)


Sessions include the following topics:

Key trends

-  Why “Mobile Voice”? The mobile phone accelerates adoption and advances in speech and natural language technology

-  How “natural” can an automated interaction be? What are the practical limitations?

-  How will the core technology evolve and how fast?

-  How will applications evolve and how fast?

-  Personal assistants: General and specialized, and their interaction

-  How well can we meet user expectations?

Effective applications

-  What specific companies are doing using mobile voice and natural-language technology

-  High-level options and tradeoffs

-  Adapting conventional technology to new expectations

Customer Service

-  Customer service mobile apps

-  Company-specific personal assistants and voice search

-  Integrating today’s contact center with mobile devices

-  Automating chat boxes

-  Examples of what is being done now

-  Natural-language support tools for agents

Mobile Marketing

-  Apps for finding products and services

-  Apps that ease buying

-  Examples of what is being done now

Personal assistants

-  General personal assistant and voice search options

-  Specialized personal assistants for a company or service

-  Connecting general and specialized assistants

-  The connection between general personal assistants and web search

User interaction

-  Effective voice-interactive designs and principles

-  Use the full power of the mobile device: Multimodal designs

-  Automated text chat with natural language

-  Voice authorization for security

-  Speech analytics

-  Security and personalization

-  Detailed examples

Automotive systems

-  Linking with driver-support systems

-  Voice-only options

Technology options

-  Speech recognition

-  Text-to-speech synthesis

-  Natural language processing

-  Analytic tools

-  Dialog support

-  Templates and development tools

-  Consulting resources

The Details of implementation

-  Speech recognition technology options, tools, and tradeoffs

-  Natural language technology options, tools, and tradeoffs

-  A natural-language “feel” with conventional technology

-  Two hands-on sessions the first day of the conference to provide detailed examples of how one develops speech and natural language applications, with expert leadership and advice

Keynote talks and panels you won’t want to miss (stay tuned!)


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