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Customer Service Reborn – Maintaining the Customer Connection

“Customer Service” in practice has too often come to mean reducing the cost of serving the customer rather than serving the customer. Too often, companies alienate customers by forcing them through layers of confusing prompts in an IVR system, evaluating the interaction by how fast they can get rid of the customer.

In contrast, the marketing departments of these same organizations are attempting to engage the customer. “When a customer contacts a company, should the objective really be to get rid of them as soon as possible?” asks William Meisel, a technology analyst and president, TMA Associates. “The key is automating the customer interaction so that it feels like talking to a friendly robot,” he claimed. “Customer Service should simply become Customer Connection, with any engagement with the customer serving multiple objectives, including branding and marketing.”

The Wall Street Journal recently coined the term “chatvertising,” highlighting the possibility of engaging the customer with an interactive ad using natural language interaction, much as personal assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana engage users on much broader topics. The author of the WSJ article, Christopher Mims, speculated that the same assistant could perform customer service operations.

K. W. 'Bill' Scholz, president of the Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) and president, NewSpeech, noted, “The technologies of speech recognition, natural language interpretation, and dialog management have matured past the ‘tipping point’ and continue to get better, supporting a major movement toward the personal assistant model of user interaction. The technology supporting a friendly, natural interaction is available today.”

The Mobile Voice Conference is organized by the Applied Voice Input Output Society ( and Meisel’s TMA Associates (, publisher of Speech Strategy News.

About the Mobile Voice Conference 
The Mobile Voice Conference is dedicated to helping companies understand how they can best improve internal efficiencies and/or engage customers using natural language interactions, with mobile devices increasingly being the way customers reach companies and the Web. Major conference themes include the current state of speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding, and dialog management technology; enterprise virtual assistants supporting employees within the company; company-specific personal assistants that face the customer; what has been learned from deployments; supporting technologies such as wake-up words and biometric speaker authentication, and more. The theme of the conference is “Intelligent Agents and More!”

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