The Language User Interface provides a simplifying layer over the
overburdened Graphical User Interface

Topics included in conference talks:
  • Commercially available technology: speech recognition, text-to-speech speech synthesis, natural language understanding, dialog design, virtual assistants, speaker identification, speaker authentication, speech analytics
  • Tools and services available to create applications and services using the Language User Interface (LUI)
  • Using speech and natural language interaction in call centers and on Web sites
  • Holding a conversation: Using context and dialog design to reach an objective
  • Company-specific Personal/Virtual Assistants that face the customer, for customer service, technical support, product information, sales, and branding/advertising
  • Enterprise Personal/Virtual Assistants used within the company, supporting and integrating enterprise applications and communications
  • Trends in general personal assistants and how they impact company connections with customers
  • Interactive entertainment and marketing using the LUI and the personal assistant model
  • Case studies: What companies are doing now
  • How to create voice and natural-language applications—tools, templates, vendors, best practices, examples of deployed systems, and more
  • Multimodal solutions: It’s not just voice-call it a GLUI
  • Trends in devices using speech technology: Mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, home systems, wearables, Internet-of-Things, and more