Mobile Conference - A revolution in the user experience

Mobile Devices Drive the Use of Maturing Speech Technology

"Smartphones and other mobile devices are clearly increasingly important as customer and employee portals into company activities, and speech and language technologies make the use of such devices more efficient," indicated Bill Meisel, executive director, AVIOS, and President, TMA Associates. "This conference is focused on helping companies understand how they can take advantage of these complementary and accelerating trends."

Rob Chambers, Speech Platform Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft, will present a keynote talk, "Relationships with Personal Assistants, from the Assistants' Point of View." Hear speakers from [24]7, AGNITiO, Appen, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Artificial Solutions, AT&T, CallMiner, Capito Systems, Cepstral, Comcast, Conversational Technologies, dawin, Deutsche Telekom, Expect Labs, Fluential, Ford Motor Company, Genesys, Google, IBM, Intelligent Factors, Interactions Corporation, Mojo Lingo , Intuit, Larson Technical Services, LinguaSys, Malaspina Labs, MeMeMe, Microsoft, Mozilla, Next IT, Nuance Communications, Openstream, Oracle, Scream, Sensory, SiriusXM, skejul, Smart Action, SpeechUsability, Spelamode, TMA Associates, TradeHarbor, Translate Your World, Virtual Agent Chat Blog, Viv Labs, Vocal Laboratories, Yactraq Online, and more.

The Mobile Voice Conference is organized by the Applied Voice Input Output Society and Bill Meisel’s TMA Associates, publisher of Speech Strategy News. The organizers thank the sponsors who have committed early to support the conference:

Primary sponsor:  Openstream: Openstream’s Enterprise Virtual Assistant (EVA) is new way to deliver apps and content for the Enterprise Knowledge Worker. EVA is a personalized-off-the-shelf solution that addresses many of the key requirements and challenges of enterprise Line of Businesses (LoBs) and IT Departments in implementing their mobile strategy and solutions. As an assistant, EVA monitors a company’s enterprise applications and content sources and helps an employee to quickly complete tasks, reducing information overload and data chaos.

Supporting sponsors:  Cepstral licenses cost-effective high-quality text-to-speech technology, with options for lively personalities and custom voices well beyond the norm.

Sensory, Inc. is the leader in user experience technologies for consumer products, offering a complete line of IC and software-only solutions for speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, vision and more.